Monday, November 23, 2009

THINK PINK - Friday that is!!!

Black Friday seems blah so we are having PINK FRIDAY!!!

Come join me for donuts and oj!

From 10 until 12 (any earlier is just too much) we will be having a 40 percent OFF sale! (special orders not included) 12 - 2 we will have 30 percent OFF! I have a feeling there might be some extra fun deals during the day ... You never know what I might do!!!

Can you believe its that time of year again???

The CHRISTmas cards are super cute this year...picking just one has been hard on everyone! So get in and grab your fave while there's still time!

CROC CASH is a hit - some cuties already have enough in their accounts to buy're making $$ to do something you would do anyway!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving - there is so much to be thankful for. Give your babies and extra squeeze! See you Friday morning!

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